Guarding Services

Firmly believes that its people are its assets. A series of standardized norms set apart Zed's recruitment policy from those of our competitors. In fact we have a dedicated recruitment and training academy with the sole responsibility of recruiting the right personnel, in accordance with set parameters. Candidates have also to undergo various tests in order to obtain requisite clearances.

House Keeping / Facility Management

Facility management is an interdisciplinary field primarily devoted to the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, such as expressways, Hotels, Schools etc. Duties may include the care of Chauffeurs, air conditioning, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems; cleaning; decoration; housekeeping and security. It is our responsibility to coordinate and oversee the safe, secure, and environmentally-sound operations in a cost effective manner aimed at long-term preservation of the asset value, and also other janitorial duties such as making sure the environment is properly cleaned and sanitized for our clients.